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Welcome to Just Two Sisters :)


Greetings from Just Two Sisters Goat Milk Company & More. What started as a casual discussion about bygone days and handmade, more natural products led us on a journey to the discovery of Goat Milk Soap and some fabulous people who make these wonderful soaps.

Once we got started, the journey turned into a labor of love to bring this website to fruition, so we could present these lovely soaps to you.

Our products are all-natural skin care soaps that are made with the finest ingredients to soothe, nourish, and pamper your skin. Because we believe that everyone should celebrate and enjoy some special pleasures in our daily lives we believe these soaps and “coming soon” toiletries will make great pampering gifts for you or those special people you care for.

These products are truly made by loving families who care about providing the best for our customers. Our soaps are beautiful, long lasting and lavishly moisturizing. You will love the way your skin feels after you start bathing with our soaps. (We, also, provide a great Vegan selection if that is your preference.)

Please click “Shop” to see our “scrumptious” soaps. Enjoy choosing your favorite bars so you can soon experience the natural pleasures of using handcrafted soaps in your shower or bath. (Be careful –bathing with our soaps can be addictive!)